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Midea is a well known company for supplying quality products to all over world. There are large variety of Heat Pumps in the product range of Midea. Midea continues to supply Heat Pumps for many other renowned companies in India as well. Midean keeps the vision to delight the customers innovatively and grow responsibly. Quality and assurance are the key Pillars of the organisation. High standard for the quality and processes are ensured for all the product offered by us which undergo mandatory 100% quality check at the production stage.


Elektronische Regelungen GmbH is a German solar thermal technology company based in Hattingen. It is, according to a market survey of Sun & Wind Energy magazine (issue 2/2007), the worldwide market leader in solar thermal control technology with a market share of almost 50%. Among the products are solar thermal controllers, pump stations and a range of additional modules and accessories. 100% of the company is owned by its founder and General Manager, Mr. Rudolf Pfeil.


The company Papaemmanuel SA was founded in 1984 by Christos Papaemmanuel, with the aim of manufacturing and producing solar products of high standards and maximum efficiency and since then until now maintains a strong presence in the field of solar energy exploitation, worldwide.
We are one of the leading Greek companies in the manufacture of solar thermal products, having in our assets over 2,000,000 square meters of installed collectors worldwide. Our products are available either as OEM products for large international companies or under the name SOLAR FLAME in more than 28 countries such as Greece, India, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa and other countries.