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Electric Floor Heating

Floor Heating in itself requires a good understanding of basic heating systems and how it interfaces with the whole Buildings. We have invaluable experience giving you complete peace of mind. We provide CAD designs for you or your fitter to follow while installing. You will also benefit from full installation instructions, unlimited technical advice and the reassurance that you are installing a quality product.

UFH - The Benefits

  • Space saving - no requirement for unsightly radiators, hidden under the floor providing extra space.
  • Comfort Levels compared to traditional systems are high
  • Even Distribution across the whole installed area.
  • Efficient 'invisible' warmth - often cheaper than central heating.
  • Wet floors in bathrooms/utilities will dry quicker.
  • Low allergy - airborne dust levels are reduced.
  • Quiet

We can design, supply, install, service and repair your under-floor heating system within your domestic or commercial premises.


Technical Specifications
Cable Construction Twin conductor cable with screen
Mat Construction Self Adhesive Mesh of 0.5Mt. width
Cable Shape Round
Cable diameter (mm) 4 - 4.5
Pulling Strength (Newton) 120
Deformation Strength (Newton) 600
Rated Temperature (deg. Celsius) 70
Conductor Insulation ETFE Material
Outer Sheath Material High Temperature PVC
Screen Material 0.5 sq.mm copper with drain wire & 100% Aluminium foil with PET
Operating Current 230 V AC Supply

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