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Expansion Tank

Product description SAG
SAG tanks are used in solar heating systems to keep system pressure constant. Before starting up the system, adjust the tanks to align with system pressure. After delivery (as soon as the SAG has been filled with 5 bar), the tank should be installed as soon as possible. Storing any SAG at a pressure of more than 4 bar for an extended period is not recommended. Transporting tanks filled with 200 litres at a pressure over 4 bar for long distances is not recommended! Tanks are available for solar systems with areas of 6 to 200 m2. SAG tanks are mounted in either a hanging or standing position, depending on size. Tank connection couplings and a variety of mountings and corrugated connecting hoses are available as accessories.

General safety information
SAG membrane-pressure expansion tanks are pressurised devices. A membrane separates the tank into a water chamber and a gas chamber with a pressure buffer. The conformity declaration in the appendix confirms compliance with Directive 97/23/EU. The scope of the assembly group can be found in the conformity declaration. The technical specifications selected for compliance with the basic safety requirements in Appendix I of Directive 97/23/EU can be found on the type plate or the conformity declaration.

Technical Specifications
Type SAG 33R, SAG 50R, SAG 80R, SAG 100R, SAG 140R, SAG 200R, SAG 300R
Maximum Collector surface area (sqm) 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 125
Volume (Liter) 33, 50, 80, 100, 140, 200, 300
Height (mm) 450, 505, 570, 675, 915, 785, 1085
Weight(Kg) 6.3, 13.2, 18.4, 22.7, 29, 40, 54

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