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Freeze Protection Cable

Thermo Freeze Protection Cables (FPC) are the robust and tough cables designed for "on pipe" as well as "in pipe" applications in domestic and commercial requirement to protect water from freezing. They are adaptable to all areas where natural frost protection cannot be achieved.

Freeze Protection Cable - Constant Watt type designed for “on pipe” as well as “in pipe” applications. This is a twin conductor series resistance heating cable comprising multistrand or coiled heating element, provided with primary insulation of fluoropolymer, then metal sheath on twin conductor and polyolefin outer jacket. They terminate on cold leads of 2.0m length.


FPC consists of a heating element provided with primary Fluoropolymer insulation covered with a metal sheath and outer sheath of polyolefin material. These are available in a wide range of capacities in predetermined lengths with 2M cold lead and a plug as a standard.

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