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Hot Water Heat Pumps

Midea Air Source Heat Pumps is a very versatile product to heat water. Hot Water Heat Pump utilizes worldwide proven technology to capture heat from the ambient air/water and transferring it to water as per requirement. Air to water heat pump water heater is a heat recovery system that generates hot water, chilled water or a combination of hot and chilled water at one energy cost. Here we move heat from one side to the other. The cost of moving heat is very low as compared to creating heat.This energy saving device helps you to save energy cost by over 65%. Compact and sleek designed water heaters that blend beautifully with interiors.

Areas Of Application:

  • Hotels                                                                          
  • Hospitals
  • Diary
  • Industry
  • Residential Building
  • Swimming Pools.

Advantages of Heat Pump:

  • An energy saving device that saves energy cost by over 65%.
  • Allowed 80% DEPRECIATION under Income-tax Act.1961
  • Easy to install and occupies less floor space.
  • Environment-friendly as there is no carbon emission.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Heat pump system can provide hot water temperature up to 80°C.
  • Caters to any capacity needs.
  • Heat Pump is a fully automatic machine.

Technical Specifications
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 220-240/1/50 (Small Units) , 380-415/3/50 (Medium & Large Units)
Running Ambient Temperature (Deg. Celcius) -15 to 46
Out Water Temperature (Deg. Celcius) Default 56 , 48-60
Capacity (KW) 1.5 - 80
COP 4 - 4.4
Compressor (Type) Scroll
Refrigerant Type 410 A

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