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Hydronic Floor Heating

What is Radiant Cooling and Heating?

Radiant heat transfer works by circulating chilled or hot water through a network of peroxide cross linked polyethylene pipes (PE-Xa) laid in floor, wall or ceiling, gently absorbing or releasing heat from the building, to support the existing conventional HVAC.

Maximum thermal comfort

Radiant heating creates a feeling of well-being, as it gently and evenly keeps the building environment and comfortable temperature level. It provides temperature conditioning without any infiltration and reduces noise exposure normally created by conventional air conditioning system to almostzero.Moderncontrolsystemenablesradiantheattransfertoprovidejusttherighttemperatureattherightplace, controlled by individual room thermostats.

Copper pipes carrying hot water runs beneath the floor provides most advanced and efficient space heating system.

Specification of Premium Pexa Pipes:

  • High Temperature Resistance.
  • High Resistance to stress cracking.
  • Excellent long term Stability.
  • High Tear Risistance.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Very good abrasion resistance.
  • Oxygen barrier.
  • No corrosion.
  • Memory Effect.

Technical Specifications
Pipe Quality Pexa
Manifold Material Copper

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